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For a business, a slow network means reduced productivity. Your network should be designed for maximum speed and minimal downtime. As your business grows, your network should have the capacity to accommodate that growth.

Networking, Contact Mitt Technology we can resolve your network issues.

Data Network Design and Setup
Mitt Technology can design and install a data network for you. Choosing the right kind of network depends on the type of data being transferred, the quantity of data and the environment where the network needs installing. Cost is also a factor with a wireless network being much cheaper to install. We can review your network and advise you on all the options available to your company.
Wireless Network Setup
Network Security
Whether its a wireless or hard wired network we will take the steps to securing your data from viruses, worms and intruders. Keeping your network running smoothly and efficiently.

Wireless Network Setup
Wireless networks are becoming more common as service providers supply wireless routers for free. Mitt Technology can assist you by setting up your wireless network for your office, warehouse or other location where Wi-Fi is needed.

Wireless (Wi-Fi) Extenders
Wi-Fi Range Extenders allows you to keep your current wireless equipment and improve coverage to eliminate “dead zones”, giving you the freedom to roam anywhere in the building and access Internet without worrying about coverage. It is compatible with wireless b/g/n routers, gateways and Internet service provider’s devices.

Wireless Security
Wireless networks are less secure than their wired equivalents as the data is broadcast over the air. Hackers can use packet sniffing software to access and break into your network.

Mitt Technology can make it harder for potential hackers to access your wireless network by hiding your SSID and using Mac address filtering. The type of encryption used also plays a big part in how secure your wireless network is.

The most common method of securing Wireless network (802.11b) is WEP (wireless encryption protocol). WEP (64-bit, or 128-bit) protects wireless traffic by using a key to encrypt the data.

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Computer Network Solutions

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